A forward-thinker, sustainability advocate, entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist, Marie-Cassandre Bultheel has worked closely with Audrey on issues of sustainability to develop a holistic view of integrated wellbeing for edeniste. 

You are guiding the brand on their sustainability approach, can you tell us more?

Our sustainable approach is a journey that starts with the product and its ingredients, followed by consideration for its carbon print, the development of circularity, the search for recycling solutions, attention to manufacturing processes that are more respectful of the environment, but also our own social responsibility. Audrey believes that sustainability is not a matter of marketing but of coherence and transparency. I agree with her on this, and we are working together to take the brand further along this path, while preserving edeniste's dream. We know it is a journey that requires time, commitment and compromises.

We prefer story-living to story-telling, based on the principle that people will live an experience that has meaning, and that they can embody in their day-to-day life. Experiencing wellbeing through edeniste will have a positive impact on the environment.

Among other things, I am helping edeniste connect the consumer and and the planet with concrete field actions like reforestation or encouraging acts of caring. We think that we must reconnect with our natural urge to cultivate caring, which by its neurological nature improves wellness. It is a pillar of sustainable development that is too often set aside, because our emotional brain plays a considerable role in decision-making, and therefore our choices as consumers.

We are aware that edeniste can help the rest of the industry move forward, and positively influence the codes of consumption. This responsibility entails special attention to the values of the brand: “feel good, do good” is also about inclusivity and diversity. With edeniste, we are working at taking a further step in its commitments and we are proud to support 1% for the planet.

What is your vision of wellbeing?

In the West, we haven’t created a system for wellbeing. We tackle disease, but we don’t promote a way of life that preserves health. Most of our ills are diseases of civilization that could be avoided through prevention and a holistic approach to wellbeing. We are familiar with the idea of economic, environmental, or political globalization. But we don’t consider humans in their globality. The solutions offered to contemporary humankind will be preventative and personalized, while empowering them to act on their wellbeing.

We’re in such a hurry to be fit, to live longer, that we forget that good health is not only an accumulation of indices or the absence of disease, but an experience, an equilibrium – a state of Being. There is no magic formula, it’s an alchemy. We must become edenistes…

The holistic approach allows us to unite every part of our being. It is the art of reconnecting the human being with his/herself and the world that surrounds him/her. It considers body and mind as indissociable and integrates physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions. Holistic wellbeing is a way to care for yourself in a global way, to be radiant.

As for neuroscience, today it allows us to understand the connection between positive thoughts and the health of our body.These new understandings lead us to understand wellbeing first and foremost as a lifestyle based on reconnecting with ourselves and our own needs. We discover the alchemy when we find this subtle communication. Our polluted, stressful environment disconnects us from what is essential, and it is difficult for us to make enlightened choices when we are stressed and constantly solicited. edeniste is part of this innovative approach. By acting on our stress, the brand recreates this lost connection.

We won’t achieve fulfillment just by practicing sports or trying out a new beauty routine. It is a set of factors that are intimately connected, interlinked. Each person must find practices that give them the energy needed by their organism to regenerate and find its balance. Rituals that liberate cells and soul. edeniste merges technology and wellbeing to allow us to find this balance and self-optimization. Tomorrow’s wellbeing will be the wellbeing of caring, that will allow us to feel good about ourselves, and that is what edeniste offers. understanding and embracing our individuality with kindness.

What is your view of women entrepreneurs? 

Despite progress in gender equality, women need incredible courage to break free from the limitations that society imposes on them.

Yet women have a key role to play in changing the paradigm, they bear the values we need to build the society of tomorrow. The capacity for feeling and establishing an intimate relationship with ourselves and the world around us is intimately connected to feminine energy, through sensitivity, empathy, and open-heartedness.

Audrey Semeraro, like many other women, embodies these values.