Experience a new generation of fine fragrances with LifeBoosts. These innovative scents are designed to enhance your mood, much like scented vitamins in a bottle. LifeBoosts are mood enhancers tailored to meet your unique emotional needs, whether you seek to feel more energetic, relaxed, happy, or balanced. Each LifeBoost essence is meticulously crafted to promote your inner well-being and satisfy your deepest self.

LifeBoosts not only smell great but are also less powerful than traditional Eaux de Parfum, making them ideal for those who typically find EDPs too strong or cannot support EDP. LifeBoosts are scents of wellbeing, designed to help you feel good without overwhelming your senses.
Edeniste LifeBoosts are backed by 35 years of medical research in the field of olfaction and its connection to the brain.

Our Edeniste Eaux de Parfums and LifeBoost essences are not only exquisite fine fragrances but also allow you to create your personalised scent. You can combine both EDPs and LifeBoosts to customise your fragrance experience to suit your specific desires and needs.

Transform your mood and elevate your senses with our LifeBoosts, and reduce stress by regulating your cortisol levels (the hormone associated with stress) with our Eaux de Parfum.

Where neuroscience meets the art of perfumery.