Our olfactory feel-good programme

Young woman smelling lavender

At Edeniste, we firmly uphold the conviction that wellness is intrinsically linked to our olfactory senses. Consequently, we have meticulously crafted an array of olfactory therapy programs and immersive experiences, all aimed at enhancing your daily well-being.

Our therapeutic methodologies are anchored in the expertise of professionals specialising in diverse fields such as olfaction, respiratory science, positive psychology, and meditation, among others. We are steadfast in our commitment to democratise happiness, striving to make it accessible to all. Our dedication extends to improving your well-being in every conceivable aspect.

The Edeniste Feel-Good Programme forms the cornerstone of our wellness philosophy, a testament to our unwavering commitment to your well-being. We are here to foster enduring engagement and facilitate tangible transformation. We eagerly anticipate your participation in this transformative journey with us.

How does smell therapy work ?

Your journey into the realm of olfactory therapy will be expertly guided by Véronique Marché, a specialist in the field.

Edeniste’s bespoke approach ensures that you do not require an exceptional sense of smell, as our methods are tailored to accommodate each individual’s unique capabilities.

Our olfactory sense serves as a vital sensory conduit, enabling us to perceive and comprehend the world around us. The customised therapeutic application of aromas is anchored in this fundamental physiological principle.

Upon scheduling your online session with Véronique, you will be provided with a Lifeboost Discovery set, which will serve as the olfactory medium for your session. Each session commences with a casual conversation, allowing us to personalise the therapy to cater to your specific requirements. Please note that our therapies are available in both French and English.

What are the olfactory therapies Edeniste offers ?

According to your needs, Edeniste can offer you two different olfactory therapies; according to whether you wish to regulate your emotions to improve quality of life or if you need to rediscover the power of smell after a trauma or disease:


Your olfactory sense is intricately intertwined with your emotions, memories, and the capacity for pleasure. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing our quality of life and maintaining our personal equilibrium. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often grapple with stress, anxiety, and frustrations.

We invite you to take a respite for yourself, focusing on your perceptions and re-establishing a connection with your sensations, facilitated by our guided experience with the fragrances of Edeniste Boosters.

Consider this: the average human breathes approximately 22,000 times a day. By honing your olfactory abilities, you will unveil a new realm where even your most fundamental needs transform into captivating experiences.



The sense of smell can be deteriorated by bacteria, virus, allergies, or other diseases specific to the sphere of ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) or even trauma. What do you know about your sense of smell today ?

How about (re)discovering it with a guided experience of smelling Edeniste Boosters ? This could be the first step towards your smell rehabilitation.



With a 25-year tenure as a General Practitioner, Véronique has been utilising scents since 2010 to provide support to patients and their families in the realms of oncology and palliative care. By integrating olfaction with Ericksonian hypnosis, she has been able to enhance the quality of life and alleviate certain symptoms.

Véronique recently undertook training at the Ecole Supérieure du Parfum in Paris, specialising in olfactory therapy via the OSTMR method. Since her graduation in July 2023, she has been broadening her expertise in the application of scents, providing guidance to individuals as well as groups during workshops.

Véronique is equipped to guide you through a personalised olfactory journey, whether it’s for smell retraining, sensory experiences aimed at enhancing personal wellbeing, or the development of olfactory awakening sessions.

The sense of smell is akin to a gateway, poised to open up to your emotions, memories, and pleasure – three essential resources required to embark on your optimal life journey.

A poignant sentiment that Véronique holds close to her heart since commencing her work as an olfactory therapist is a quote from Mrs FG, aged 85, from Maisons de famille, Chambourcy: “I’ve been on life support ever since I entered the old people’s home, but I am back in life again.”

Thanks to Véronique’s assistance, individuals have been able to rediscover or enhance their quality of life. It is only fitting that she now offers her expertise and passion for aromas to Edeniste.

Véronique utilises her creativity to customise and tailor the specific olfactory therapy to cater to your specific needs. The guided and supportive sensory experience she provides will equip you with the skills to revisit it in the future, enabling you to amalgamate olfaction, breathing, memory, and emotions.