Wellbeing Fragrances : The Name & The Bottle

Why call it edeniste?

Looking beyond hedonism to emotional wellbeing, edeniste takes us on an olfactory journey into a garden of positive emotions. edeniste is not just a collection of scents, but an embodiment of emotion, an invitation to a new philosophy of self-care that can become a way of being.

Its name is evocative of Eden, an earthly paradise in which nature is at its most pristine and abundant, coexisting in harmony and simplicity with humanity and is completed by the suffix ‘-ist’, which is also a nod to the ‘scientist’ in the study of emotions and the ‘artist’, drawing on perfumers’ sensitive creativity.

edeniste’s promise is uniquely

revolutionary - redefining luxury perfume for the new era of wellbeing and sustainability

life-enhancing - the new generation of active wellbeing fragrances that stimulate feelings of relaxation, joy, sensuality and happiness, fostering balance and focus

science-backed - the neuroscience of emotion combined with the art of scent to deliver measurable value

transparent - at every stage from development to communication 

...and embodies new values

mindfulness - connecting us to ourselves and to greater awareness in the moment through a sensory pathway, the sense of smell

connection - allowing for a positive reconnection to ourselves and the world

kindness - enhancing our inherent capacity for empathy by reducing stress

empowerment - freeing the individual through self-expression

inclusivity - celebrating our differences and authenticity

sustainability - blending quality products with conscious consumption, and assisting our inner transition towards a sustainable mindset through the essential act of self-care

A brand-new, compelling category for fine fragrance, based on the science of wellbeing, with formulas up to 98% of natural origin.

Helping us to positively change our mood and feel the way we want to feel. Become the best version of ourselves, every day.


The Bottle

Using edeniste is a total sensorial experience. For the bottle, Audrey wanted to work with a specialized designer who totally understood this world of luxury fragrance, art, and design. Audrey sought out one of the most iconic fragrance bottle designers of our time, Xavier Laplace, to bring her vision for edeniste to life.

Shaped like two round drops of scent, edeniste’s tactile bottle made of recycled glass  nestles in the palm of your hand in the shape of the number 8 - the symbol of infinity.

The waves of the encephalogram used by the edeniste’s Science Committee to measure the emotions aroused by our scents, are brought to life via the unique box design.