The Methods

For the first time in the history of modern perfumery, a fragrance brand leverages the scientific findings of research into smell and emotion to formulate its products. Edeniste is the outcome of a unique partnership with the Japanese flavor and fragrance company Takasago, the fragrance house of emotions.

Since the 1980s, Takasago has conducted studies proving that smells and fragrances can impact emotions and therefore enhance certain moods. This is why Audrey Semeraro chose to work with Takasago’s R&D teams and perfumers to bring her pioneering vision to fruition. 

    Scientific methods used to assess the action of scent on emotions:

    • Saliva test: Measuring biomarkers in saliva (cortisol and alpha amylase) after a stressful task.
    • CNV analysis (contingent negative variation analysis): A well-known method of indexing gradual potential changes in the human brain, mental processes, and arousal levels. CNV allows us to observe the brain’s answer (slow brain waves) to olfactive stimuli with an EEG (electroencephalogram).
    • fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) measures brain activity by detecting changes associated with blood flow. “Active accords” activate the olfactory processing areas and the reward (dopaminergic) areas in the brain.

    Regulate your stress with the Edenade Accord at the heart of 7 Wellbeing fragrances 

    Stress has emerged as one of the leading health issues in recent years. Finding ways to destress, and mental health in general, is a priority around the globe.  

    Today, Edeniste offers a range of 7 wellbeing fragrances, each with a distinctive scent, with a common thread: the Edenade accord, which forms the heart of each Edeniste Eau de Parfum Active and Eau de Parfum Intense Active.

    An overdose of comfort with a delicate blend of three white musks, the warm-skin nuances of Ambroxan, and the clean woody notes of iso E super and cedar essence, the Edenade accord envelops a unique, patented Destress Accord proven to reduce known stress biomarkers such as cortisol and alpha amylase.

    The Edenade Accord makes up 10% of each Edeniste fragrance: the optimal dose for the blend to work its molecular magic!

    Patents and scientific publications

    Destress accord: WO 2017/004282, Trujillo Raphael, Kang Raphael K.L, Cilia Alba T. for Takasago.

    Relaxing CNV molecules: US 6268333B1, joint patent with Shiseido. US 7968606B2, joint patent.