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Functional fragrances are getting popular

As pioneers in the field of wellness perfumes, Edeniste is proud to lead the new generation of fragrances designed to make people feel good. Backed by neuroscience, we firmly believe scents are the perfect and easy way to boost your mood. Whether you want to feel more energetic, joyful, or relaxed, our wellbeing fragrances cater to your needs. Today, we want to share some of the best press highlights of Edeniste’s collection of fragrances and LifeBoosts.

Edeniste Vanille Irresistible in Stylist Magazine

Stylist magazine cover 10 April 2024

Stylist issued on April, 10th 2024 is featuring Edeniste Vanille Irresistible as “The smoky one”

Who can resist Vanilla flavours ?

Stylist refers to Vanille Irresistible as a gourmand fragrance because it can be as mouth-watering as a vanilla ice-cream scoop. This is because taste and smell are closely linked.

According to Stylist : “Gourmand fragrances have catapulted into popularity, but this Edeniste bottle goes far beyond an olfactory feast for the nose.”

The magic of Vanille Irresistible is in the bottle :

  • 3 different vanilla varieties : Sweet Madagascan, rich absolute, CO2 extract
  • Additional Notes : rum, smoky Haitian vetiver, Somalian olibanum (also known as incense)
  • Overall scent description : delicious, comforting, highly moreish

In the fragrance Edeniste Vanille Irresistible, olibanum (or incense) adds a smoky, resinous, and slightly sweet note. This complements the other elements like vanilla and rum, creating a more complex and intriguing scent profile. The inclusion of olibanum makes the fragrance not only delicious and comforting but also adds an exotic and luxurious touch, making it highly irresistible and addictive.

Edeniste in Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine cover May 2024

May 2024

Elle Magazine describes Seduction by Edeniste “as silk lingerie in a bottle with jasmine, cedar and added ‘calming molecules’.”

Seduction is a luxurious, sophisticated fragrance that not only seduces the senses but also promotes a sense of relaxation and wellbeing. The metaphor of silk lingerie encapsulates the fragrance's smooth, elegant, and intimate nature, making it a unique and desirable scent for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Seduction key fragrance notes :

  • Jasmine is a highly fragrant flower with a rich, sweet, and heady scent. It adds a sensual and exotic floral note.
  • Cedarwood adds a warm, woody, and slightly spicy undertone to the fragrance. It provides depth and stability, balancing the sweet floral notes of jasmine.The presence of cedar gives the fragrance a grounding effect, making it feel more sophisticated and balanced.

Edeniste Wellness Perfumes in YOU Magazine

You magazine logo

May 2024 by Rosie Green

“More sophisticated are Edeniste wellness fragrances. The idea is you choose one of its seven beautifully crafted perfumes, then, according to your needs, supercharge it with one of the brand’s six LifeBoost scents. (...) Discovery sets featuring miniatures of the range are available for £32 so you can find your perfect combination without breaking the bank.”



The power of scent in Woman and Home

Woman and Home magazine cover may 2024
May 2024

The blind and deaf American author and educator Helen Keller said :

“Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived”.

At Edeniste, we understand the profound magic that scents hold. Fragrances are not just about smelling good; they are powerful gateways to memories, emotions, and experiences. We believe our carefully crafted fragrances can transform your everyday moments into extraordinary experiences.

Just as a wizard casts spells to create magic, our fragrances have the transformative power to elevate your mood, boost your confidence, and enhance your presence. They are your invisible accessories, crafting an aura of allure and sophistication. But the truth is there is no magic behind it, just neuroscientific explanations.






Glamour magazine logo

8 January 2023 - Happy people smell like this, according to scientists by Fiona Embleton

“The key to happiness might be right under our noses - literally - thanks to a new raft of perfumes that combine a rush of mood-boosting notes with neurochemistry.”

Fiona tested the 2-step journey called “Mood-boosting” :

“The approach is two-pronged:

first choose from seven eau de parfums, which each contain a musky Destress Accord (we love Jasmin Cruel with sloshes of nectar-rich jasmine, coconut and orange blossom that evokes sun-warmed skin).

Then layer a Lifeboost Active Essence over the top, laced with molecules proven in scientific journals to stimulate areas of the brain associated with energy, relaxation and more.The active molecule in the Happiness Lifeboost was shown in fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) tests to activate the brain's dopaminergic reward pathway, while the scent of juicy mango and raspberry puts a smile on your face.”

Read Glamour for more

Vogue : How perfumery went hi-tech

Vogue magazine cover december 2022

December 2022, by Salie Hugues

“A new generation of so-called functional fragrances are set to revolutionise the way perfumes are composed, sold and experienced forevermore.”

Fiona Harkin, foresight editor at world-renowned trend forecasting agency The Future Laboratory, tells me, “Functional fragrances are a growing development, based on the idea that perfume can have psychological and physical effects. Brands are looking at plants not just for their fragrance, but asking if they can also affect body temperature, blood pressure, mood.”

“Luxury fragrance entrepreneur Audrey Semeraro has the data to prove that fragrance can materially change how we feel for the better.”

“The daughter of a nuclear scientist, Semeraro founded her fragrance brand, Edeniste, on the principle of “active wellbeing”, enlisting two top academic neuroscientists to pinpoint - using EEG brain scanning, fMRI, biosensor and saliva tests - which olfactive molecules and accords had the capability to stimulate the parts of the wearer’s brain associated with increased happiness, energy, dreaminess, wellbeing, relaxation and seduction.”

“The resulting collection is less tomorrow’s world, more today’s Harrods counter - and it’s selling fast. Seven eau de parfums with a patented mood-stabilising accord, designed to be layered with any of six “Lifeboost Active Essences”, each contain molecules scientifically proven to stimulate areas of the brain associated with relaxation, energy and more.”

“While Edeniste phase one is only recently launched, Semeraro is already working on more moods and greater emotions. She says, “Everything related to love is difficult from a scientific point of view, because there are so many different kinds - familial, romantic, platonic, maternal - and all occupy another zone in the brain and that cannot yet be defined.” Nonetheless, she believes Edeniste has cracked it, bottled it and will launch soon. Hang on to your heart rate.

Edeniste in Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping cover november 2022

November 2022

The issue refers to Audrey Semeraro’s initial thoughts : “My intuition was telling me something was missing from the world of fine fragrance.”

The article describes Audrey’s dream of creating perfumes with proven emotional benefits as “a four-year passion project”.

“The name of Gabriel Lepousez - a neuroscientist whose medical research focused on brain plasticity and olfactory perception - came up again and again. Dr Lepousez helped Audrey to build a global database of every olfactive molecule proven in the past 30 years to have a positive impact on our state of mind by stimulating the olfactory pathways.”

With the help of master perfumers Aurélien Guichard and Jérôme di Marino, they “patented Destress Accord (a comforting, cortisol-lowering signature of three white musks built by Takasago using Audrey’s database) into a range of seven eau de parfums, and to incorporate further pathway-activating accords into six LifeBoosts, creating a two-step system with measurable wellbeing benefits.”


The trend is confirmed. Functional perfumes are becoming increasingly popular with the general public. Wearing perfume goes far beyond the pleasure of smelling good. Thanks to neuroscience, we can identify the olfactory molecules that have a positive effect on your emotions. With the conviction of contributing to the success of this new trend, Edeniste employs its exceptional perfumery expertise to offer you unique and delicious fragrances.