Edeniste’s Founder, Audrey Semeraro, has spent the past four years fusing her passions for science (her father was a nuclear scientist) and her lifelong love of fragrances (her mother, was a model for Nina Ricci). Never before has a brand combined the worlds of neuroscience, with fine fragrance. Audrey Semeraro has chosen to work with Takasago’s R&D teams and perfumers to bring her pioneering vision to fruition.

Audrey Semeraro explains; “My aspiration has always been to bring emotional wellbeing to people, but when I looked into the fragrance industry, I found that this need wasn’t being addressed. There was a gap in the market. For the past 4 years, I have been working on creating an entirely new and unique fragrance concept. Edeniste will be the first perfumes with active molecules, offering a “psycho-physiological effect” – put simply, an emotional fragrance experience of greater wellbeing. Edeniste is the outcome of guidance from world-leading neuroscientists, and a unique partnership with the Japanese fragrance company Takasago, the fragrance house of emotions.”

"Neuroscience has demonstrated that general emotional function in our brain is governed by a fronto-limbic loop, connecting the limbic structures (in particular the amygdala, responsible for emotional reactivity) and the prefrontal cortex (in particular the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, responsible for the regulation of this reactivity). These two components (called physiological and cognitive respectively) are often assessed separately and out of context, but at Edeniste we are interested to further develop research in the joint evaluation of these components."

Audrey continues: "Edeniste is a total sensorial experience, from the emotional response delivered by the fragrances and Lifeboost® active essences, to the luxurious look and feel of each sensory-inspired designed flacon. Shaped like two round drops, the nature and science, nestles in the palm of your hand in the shape of the number 8, the symbol of infinity. Becoming aware of our inner self and how it balances with our outer self is the foundation for good physical and mental wellbeing. As Gabriel Lepousez says, Edeniste allows us to rebalance our internal moods through both conscious and unconscious pathways.”