Working with the world’s most credible noses, Aurelien Guichard of Takasago (creator of fine fragrances for Gucci, Armani, Burberry, John Galliano, Narciso Rodriguez) and Jerôme di Marino (mentored by Francis Kurkdjian and the mastermind behind scents for Burberry, Elie Saab, Kenzo), Edeniste has created seven Eau de Parfums formulated to regulate and rebalance stress levels.

THE EAU DE PARFUMS: There are seven Eau de Parfums in the Edeniste range(please see separate Edeniste Fragrance Release for more detail on the juice composition),each one containing the active patented accordproven to have a stabilising impact on mood.

Aurelien Guichard

Created by renowned nose Aurelien Guichard using the finest ingredients and accords, each Eau de Parfum has a beautiful and distinctivescent. Choose from Rose Délice, Vetiver Imaginaire, Jasmin Cruel, Néroli Sensuel or the Eau de Parfum Intense: Vanille Irresistible, Rose Fatale & Oud Mystiqueexclusive to Harrods.These stunning fragrances act as the beginning of the two step olfactory process: The Edeniste Experience and have to be combined with the unique active Lifeboost® essences so that they can deliver the proven associated emotional benefits.

Working with molecules imposed by science to create the Lifeboost® was definitely a new challenge for me”, Aurélien comments. “I worked first on the Eau de Parfums, and then on the Lifeboosts®. I approached them first and foremost as a perfumer, focusing on emotions and beauty, and on the style that Audrey wanted to infuse to the brand Edeniste.”

THE LIFEBOOST® ACTIVE ESSENCES: Created by renowned noses Aurelien Guichard and Jerome di Marino, choose from six stunning Lifeboost® active essences - Happiness, Energy, Dream, Wellbeing, Relax, and Seduction – delicious cocktails of olfactive molecules, scientifically proven to enhance and stimulate areas of the brain.

Jerôme di Marino

Consumers expect something that smells better than aromatherapeutic blends, but different from ‘classic’ fragrances -- you need to smell the natural essences. The challenge was to set the cursor at the sweet spot between the two. To create scents that have that added value, between naturality and science.” - Jerôme di Marino