Dr Gabriel Lepousez

When you want to know just how scent affects our brain, the person to ask is Dr. Gabriel Lepousez. A researcher at one of France’s most prestigious scientific institutes, the neuroscientist focuses on the mechanisms underlying sensory perception and memory. From the beginning of the Edeniste project, Dr. Lepousez has guided and supported Audrey in her enterprise. For Edeniste, he discusses the vital connections between our nose and our emotions, and recent discoveries can help us innovate in fragrance.

Dr. Gabriele Lepousez states “Audrey is driven by curiosity. She would have been a very good scientist, she was ready to explore cross-disciplinary areas. I thought the concept of Edeniste was a great idea to understand how the brain works, and reinject that scientific knowledge in perfumery. Four years ago, we started to discuss how smell can connect with emotions, expresses itself in our body and influence our state of mind. That’s the ambition of Edeniste: to turn perfume into a way to experience aesthetic pleasure, but also to enhance your mood and guide your internal state.”

Dr Jeremie Topin

from CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research), is the Associate Professor, Director of the MSc Management of the Flavour & Fragrance Industry at Institut de Chimie de Nice, Université Côte D'Azur. He has scientifically tested the final result of each Lifeboost® in the Laboratory in October 2021 & April 2022.

The results and data support the hypothesis that the Edeniste Lifeboost® active essences have a positive impact on the physiological responses, that align with the emotional claim of each of the Lifeboost® active essences. 

Dr. Topin states “Our measurements have shown a real modulation of the emotional sphere following olfactory stimulations by the Edeniste fragrances. The modulation of emotions by fragrances is a current topic & Audrey was able to bring passion and scientific rigor to her olfactory creation Edeniste."