How to Choose Your Perfume : the best guidelines

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Finding the ideal perfume thanks to neurosciences

How to choose your perfume ? The world of perfumery offers a wide range of fragrances. Perfumers compete with creativity to guide your choice towards one of their latest creations. You may be seduced by the shape of a bottle or the promise of a sensual journey. Spraying perfume behind your ears or on your wrists gives you the immediate pleasure of smelling good. But did you know that a fragrance can also help improve your wellbeing ? At Edeniste the greatest professional noses have collaborated with renowned neuroscientists to create olfactory formulas that directly affect moods and emotions. Follow our advice to choose a perfume based on your needs.

Choosing the perfect perfume to boost your wellbeing

There are many ways to improve your wellbeing such as yoga and meditation. The problem is that it takes time and training before you start feeling the benefits. Scents however have immediate effects on emotions.

According to studies conducted by neuroscientists, pleasant scents act as rewards on our brain. Simply because when you smell a nice perfume, it instantly releases dopamine, commonly associated with pleasure. You've probably experienced this before. Scents are capable of awakening childhood memories, French famous writer Marcel Proust wouldn't disagree ! That's why fragrances can improve your wellbeing.

A fragrance can bring back joyful memories especially with Edeniste and its collection of Lifeboost active essences. Just spray a little Lifeboost Happiness eau de toilette onto your skin to remind you of good times. It's as simple as that. It might take you back to happy moments shared with family and friends. And all this thanks to the impact of olfactory molecules on your neuronal network. Do you want to feel better right away ? Our Lifeboost perfume can do that for you.

Finding the ideal fragrance to relax

You need calm and serenity. The holidays are still far away. For instance, you dream of walking barefoot in the grass on a summer evening or listening to the gentle song of a stream. You simply want to relax after a long and busy day of work. All you need is to disconnect and refocus on yourself to improve your wellbeing. 

To achieve this state of relaxation, you can :

  • put your trainers on and go for a long walk ;
  • listen to a meditation session ;
  • immerse yourself in an exciting book.

All of this takes time. What if a few drops of Lifeboost Wellbeing eau de toilette were enough to help you unwind and feel relaxed ? Does this idea appeal to you ? Edeniste also offers Lifeboost Dream eau de toilette. Try this fragrance and experience its soothing effects. You’ll feel as if you were in a soft cocoon or as if you felt the warmth of sunshine on your skin.

Choosing the right perfume to boost your energy

Do you feel exhausted ? Tiredness is very common in modern life. You constantly juggle between your professional and family life duties. You spend your day trying to satisfy everyone’s demands. It is normal to feel your energy levels drop as the hours go by. What if spraying some Lifeboost Energy eau de toilette onto your skin could boost your mood and increase your energy levels ?

How does it work ? Italian citrus fruits, essences of peppery bergamot, regenerating grapefruit and the zinc-infused ginger from Ethiopia do have scientifically proven energizing effects on the brain. They are amongst the most powerful components of the fragrance. It is as revigorating as a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice !

Combining olfactive molecules to increase self-confidence

Taking care of your looks and applying makeup on are part of your everyday routine to feel good. Putting some nice perfume on is part of the essential ritual when getting ready for a day or a night out. Whether you want to be successful in a new relationship or be convincing in a professional meeting, smelling good is important to boost your confidence.

Neuroscientists have revealed the effect of certain molecules on self-confidence. Musk, cedarwood, and jasmine are some of the ingredients that stimulate reactions in the brain. Discover the power of Lifeboost Seduction eau de toilette ! Do you remember your first love and how good and overwhelming that feeling was ? Just try the thrill of Edeniste Lifeboost Love fragrance to experience fulfillment.

Choosing a fragrance from the Edeniste collection will definitely impact your wellbeing. Just give it a try !

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