Esxence Milan 2024 : the power of scent

Edeniste's founder Audrey Semeraro at Esxence 2024 in Milan

Dive into the art of perfumery at Esxence Milan 2024

From March 6th to 9th, more than 350 fragrance designers met in Milan for the Art Perfumery Event called Esxence Metamorphosis. Exhibitors had the opportunity to showcase their latest creations, share their knowledge and meet industry professionals and perfumery enthusiasts. Over 10,000 visitors could discover a wide variety of fragrances, talk to the designers and take part in workshops and conferences on perfumery trends and techniques.The Edeniste team was proud to introduce visitors to the fusion of tradition with cutting-edge neuroscience. Let’s look back at four days of pure luxury and exciting meetings, dive once more into the world of artistic perfumery, and feel the energising power of our perfumes again.

Audrey Semeraro stands out as one of the most creative and innovative perfume designers

Edeniste'stand at Esxence 2024 in Milan
At the Esxence art perfumery event in Milan, Audrey Semeraro proudly presented the complete range of her Lifeboost active essences. Colourful bottles containing mood-boosting ingredients. Happiness, Energy, Wellbeing, Relax, Dream, Love or Seduction. Each bottle is a promise to smell good, to feel good and confident. Unique and innovative formulations created to enhance your wellbeing !

The success of a workshop called “Le retour des parfums qui soignent” (The return of healing fragrances) by French philosopher and writer Annick Le Guérer is a sign that Edeniste is on the right track. Our fragrances aim at healing the soul.

Edeniste's stand at Esxence 2024 in Milan
Edeniste's stand at Exsence 2024 in Milan

Edeniste’s intentions indeed align with the 2024 Esxence METAMORPHOSIS theme. Perfume is a way to achieve the best possible transformation. The olfactory experience offers the opportunity to enjoy new sensitive emotions, just as the continuous change of the surrounding environment. The metamorphosis also reflects the contemporary consumer's search for new values, where respect for people and their wellbeing, the environment and nature has become essential.

Edeniste’s exhibition stand at Esxence Milan 2024


So many visitors were thrilled to experience the power of scent ! Mood-boosting fragrances are becoming incredibly popular. Edeniste can fulfil everyone’s emotional needs. Thanks to neuroscience, we can enhance your emotions. We were delighted to explain to visitors the power of olfactory molecules on our wellbeing. 

How does it work ?

“There must be a bit of magic in your bottles,” said a woman with a smile. Absolutely not ! We can assure you that all Edeniste does is choose the right ingredients and the perfect formula according to scientifically proven effects on the brain. Our collaboration with neuroscientists and renowned professional noses is the key to the success of our mood-boosting perfumes.

A significant factor contributing to the success of Esxence 2024 is the growing interest in innovative approaches to enhancing beauty and wellbeing. We are confident that Edeniste can provide precisely what people are seeking.

The world of perfumery enhances women's happiness

Edeniste's founder Audrey Semeraro

Women are an integral part of the Edeniste team. Audrey Semeraro, the founder of Edeniste, is a woman with a vision. Over the past few years, she has been blending her passion for science with her lifelong love of fragrance. Her inspiration has always been to promote emotional wellbeing among people.

The joyful atmosphere at the Neuroscience Fragrance Lab demonstrates that every woman deserves to feel empowered by the scent she wears.

Esxence is a must-attend event for anyone interested in niche perfumery, offering a unique opportunity to discover, learn and share around this fascinating art. We are eagerly looking forward to returning to Milan next year!

Did you know that the Happy Lifeboost eau de toilette is one of Scentbird’s most popular fragrances among customers?

Experience the transformative power of scent to make you smell good and feel good with our revolutionary Edeniste fragrance collection.

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