Happiness Perfume : how does it work ?

Bottle of happiness perfume by Edeniste

How can fragrance impact your feeling of happiness

Breathing in the scent of the person you love awakens an intense emotion in you, doesn't it ? The connection between fragrance and pleasure is immediate. This is excellent news : scents make moments of pure bliss accessible. Scents do trigger emotions. Everyone knows the story of Proust's madeleine. Yet, scientific research has only recently begun to take an interest in it. Olfactory therapies are starting to be experimented with. That is why Audrey Semeraro, passionate about fine fragrances, decided to associate the power of scent with that of emotions. She asked renowned neuroscientists to help her create Edeniste, a collection of fragrances that have a proven positive impact on our wellbeing. Because we are all in search of happiness. Let's have a closer insight at neuroscience to understand how scents can generate joy and what combination of olfactory molecules Edeniste has put together to create the best Happiness perfume, one of the best-seller LifeBoosts of the collection.

Neuroscience in the service of happiness

Pleasure, as a source of happiness, occurs with the release of endorphins. Additionally, when you laugh, you produce less cortisol (the stress hormone). To compensate for the decrease in cortisol, the brain releases dopamine, a molecule linked with positive emotions.

Unlike other senses, as Dr. Gabriel Lepousez explains , olfaction allows a direct connection between the stimulus and the brain. The message goes straight to the amygdala, the brain region dedicated to emotions. Brain imaging has enabled scientists to discover the areas of the brain sensitive to mood changes.They have highlighted the brain regions that are active during experiences of joy. Stimulating happiness is therefore possible.

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) allows visualisation of neuron activity at a given moment and under certain conditions. For example, observing a photo of a smiling face triggers a visible reaction in brain activity. Emotions like joy thus have a proven impact on brain activity.

Dr. Jeremie Topin from CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) states “Our measurements have shown a real modulation of the emotional sphere following olfactory stimulations by the Edeniste fragrances. The modulation of emotions by fragrances is a current topic and Audrey was able to bring passion and scientific rigor to her olfactory creation."

To be perfectly clear, when you smell a scent, the message your brain receives passes through the amygdala, the brain area dedicated to emotions, and then is transmitted to the orbitofrontal cortex, where the conscious perception of the odor arises. Olfaction is the only sense that generates a message passing through this brain area, which explains the existence of a powerful link between fragrances and emotions.

Any scent evoking a positive memory has the power to trigger a positive emotion but also to stimulate emotions such as self-confidence or motivation.

"Joy is an intense emotion or feeling that touches the whole being, the body, the mind, the heart, and the imagination." - Frédéric Lenoir, Happiness, a philosopher's guide.

Happiness perfume and its perfect formulation

Happiness is a perfume that is floral, woody, and fruity. Its fruity scents bring you back to the pleasures and flavors of childhood. Bite into juicy and fragrant fruits with gusto. Let yourself sway with the wind on a swing. Offer your face and skin to the sweetness of the moment. It's a perfume with summery scents that you want to linger on. Sun-kissed skin, bursts of laughter, joy. Close your eyes and imagine.

The Happiness LifeBoost is as sparkling as a child's clear laughter. Crafted around an exotic accord of mango enhanced by juicy and colorful notes of raspberry and watermelon. The base of pure essence of Virginia cedarwood plunges you into the bliss of a sunset. Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of this tropical and effervescent delight. Experience a feeling of pure and intense joy.

Thanks to the fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) process, brain activity can be measured by detecting changes in blood flow. The Happiness Accord triggers brain areas consistent with reward (dopaminergic) pathway activation.

The fMRI-based process to study the effects of LifeBoosts on human brain has been patented. The mood-boosting impact of Happiness LifeBoost on wellbeing has been tested and proved as active on the brain's reward pathway.

Discover Happiness now and ignite a powerful sensation of inner happiness !

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