Wellbeing Fragrances : Lifeboost® by Edeniste

Composed by two world-class perfumers, Aurélien Guichard and Jérôme di Marino from Takasago, our Lifeboost® are much more than fragrances. They’re active blends based on cutting-edge neuroscience.

To compose these pioneering formulas, Aurélien and Jérôme worked from a deck of proven active ingredients and blends compiled by edeniste, based on scientific literature and the findings of Takasago’s leading R&D department. 

Then, they matched the science of emotion with the art of perfumery by selecting, among these active ingredients, the raw materials whose scent would best evoke a given mood in your olfactory memory.

The unique, mood-enhancing accords they designed, wrapped in beautifully composed scents, will help you live your best day. You can apply different Lifeboosts® over the hours as your needs shift and change. They have all been composed to harmonize with each other, and with our Eaux de Parfum.