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A mellow solar white floral. A solar Madagascan ylang-ylang essence matched with a creamy monoi note – the name means “sacred oil” in Tahiti --, wrapped in pure jasmine sambac absolute from India and relaxing Madagascan vanilla absolute. Relax, feel the sun shining up above, let yourself be rocked by the sound of the waves and trees swaying in the breeze… You’re in Eden.

Top Notes: Gardenia, Coconut, Green notes

Middle Notes: Ylang oil, Jasmin Absolute, Frangipani 

Base Notes: Vanilla absolute, Musky, Amber, Cedarwood

Our founder Audrey recommends to pair it and boost your wellbeing with:

An active essence that contains :
a patented Destress accord
and 30% of previously-tested CNV relaxing ingredients

- Apply your Eau de Parfum liberally. While it settles, select the mood-enhancing Lifeboost according to the emotional desire you’re feeling at that very moment.

- Spray your Lifeboost as you would a perfume, finishing with a spray on each palm. Press your palms together to warm and awaken the Lifeboost molecules, then inhale in three long, deep breaths to fully experience its sensorial active ingredients.

- You can apply different Lifeboosts over the hours as your needs shift and change; they have all been carefully composed by our expert perfumers to harmonize with each other and with each Eau de Parfum.

An active essence with soothing bergamot and a formula that contains previously-tested CNV relaxing ingredients.
The relaxing benefit of the Relax Accord is observed by measuring the brain’s answer through CNV analysis using an electroencephalograph (EEG) to measure slow brain waves.
86,8% natural origin

The patented Destress accord has been validated through Saliva test, measuring biomarkers in saliva (cortisol and alpha amylase) after a stressful task, reducing or inhibiting a subject's physiological reaction to stress.

The Patents and Scientific Publications
The patented Destress accord
WO 2017/004282 Al 29 June 2016 A fragrance composition comprising one or more musk or fragrance accords for use in reducing or inhibiting a subject's physiological reaction to stress Raphael K. L. Kang Alba T. Cilia
- US 6268333B1: A fragrance composition which contains 1,3-dimethoxy-5-methylbenzene in an amount of from 0.01 to 30% by weight as a fragrance modifier that provides a sedative effect. 1,3-Dimethoxy-5-methylbenzene used in the present invention can exhibit a sedative effect not only by itself but also when mixed with various formulations of jasmine, floral and the like types having stimulative effects. Also, since a single chemical is used as an active ingredient, the present invention is more effective than the sedative function of natural essential oil from a viewpoint of sedation. In addition, since 1,3-dimethoxy-5-methylbenzene itself has a mild scent, its sedative effect can be obtained without altering original fragrance of interest.
- US 7968606B2 Joint patent concerning the sedative effect of 2R-theaspirane

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There is so much to say about Edeniste -  and after weeks of keeping it to myself I can finally share this genuinely game-changing concept.Neuroscience meets haute parfumerie thanks to the phenomenal Audrey Semeraro, who has proven that scented self-care and the mood-enhancing benefits of fragrance are a clinically-trialled and patented reality

Alice du Parcq
Beauty Editor and Fragrance Expert

The perfumes are a balance of blissful notes. ‘Energy’ is bright and zingy with bergamot, grapefruit, and ginger; ‘Happiness’ balances tropical mango with warm cedarwood; and ‘Seduction’ is powdery and sensual thanks to musk, white flowers and vanilla. Spritz into your hands and inhale deeply to let the molecules hit you in the nose, then mist around the neck.

Caroline Brien

Niche perfumery Edeniste works with a team of neuroscientists to develop scents that promise to improve our emotional wellbeing. You'll find fragrances tailored to boost relaxation and happiness within the range but for a glamorous night on the town, Oud Mystique, with its fuzzy hints of peach and patchouli, is the one to spritz

Medina Azaldin
Harper’s Bazaar

A smoky, sexy, mysterious Oud fragrance. If that’s your vibe, you need to smell this!

Julia Diogo
Influencer and Luxury Manicurist