Wellbeing Fragrances : The Active Formulation


Hero facts about the science:

  • Our fragrance formulas are based on over 30 years of research in the field of neuroscience on the effect of scent on emotion, with over 10 patents co-signed by Takasago with Pr. Thomas Hummel of the University of Dresden, and more than 25 publications and posters. 


  • Our fragrances draw from a deck of XX active fragrance ingredients proven to enhance wellbeing or to deliver a specific emotional response, compiled for the first time from scientific publications.


  • The Edenade Accord encapsulated in the heart of each Edeniste Eau de parfum active and Eau de Parfum intense active contains 10% of a patented Destress Accord, made up of more than two thirds previously-tested relaxing ingredients.  


  • Our patented Destress Accord has been proven to reduced or inhibit response to stress, by analyzing biomarkers in saliva: cortisol and alpha amylase, both know as “stress hormones”. Source: Patent WO 2017/004282, Trujillo Raphael, Kang Raphael K.L, Cilia Alba T. for Takasago.


  • Each of our Lifeboosts is a unique formulation based on raw materials or fragrance accords scientifically proven to deliver the right positive emotion based on a specific scientific methodology.


  • Each of our fragrances has been tested to validate the positive emotional response of real consumers. The tests were conducted at the CNRS (National scientific research centre) with Jérémie Topin, Assistant professor and Director of the MSc program Management of the Flavor and Fragrance Industry at the Institut de Chimie de Nice (Université Côte d’Azur).