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Pre-Book your appointment with Edeniste practionner in olfactory therapy. No need to have a particularly good sense of smell: Edeniste personalized approach is adapted to each individual's abilities.Our sense of smell is a true sensory channel that allows us to understand the world around us.

Its great particularity lies in its privileged and priority link with the non-conscious areas of our brain, which are the emotional, memory and reward areas. This direct link allows the odorous message to be processed before any identification phase.It is on this fundamental physiological pillar that the personalized therapeutic accompaniment by odors is based. Olfactory stimuli are used as keys to access information in order to provide answers to specific problems.

Sonia Garçon

Passionate about smells and curious about their mysterious powers, I knew very young that I would make it my job.

Graduated from ISIPCA ( International Higher Institute of Perfume, Cosmetics and Food Flavors ) in 2000, I had the pleasure of discovering the profession of evaluation in a composition house.

There followed 20 years in perfume development in major international groups in Switzerland, Germany and Paris.

The hardships of personal and professional life have awakened in me a need to give meaning to this passion for smells. A passion that had to be re-tamed in order to write a new chapter together.

From this journey rich in emotions, Nez pour Ressentir hatched thanks to which I now put my passion for smells at the service of Humans.