The Concept

The first generation of active wellness fragrances driven by neuroscience

Edeniste has brought together the highest level of experts in the world of olfaction and neuroscience, to create a new category in perfumery: Active wellbeing fine fragrances combined with their innovative Lifeboost® active essences that have been tested physiologically and proven to improve emotional wellbeing.

Edeniste, together with some of the world’s leading neuroscientists at the cutting edge of olfactory research, has singled out olfactive molecules that have a proven impact on an individual’s olfactory pathways and limbic system; using various scientific methodologies including fMRI, EEG Analysis, Biosensors test, Saliva test.

Now for the first time in fine fragrance, Edeniste has fused these molecules that are supported with 35+ years of research, with world-renowned perfumers and the Japanese fragrance house Takasago to create this stunning collection of Eau de Parfums and exclusive active essences called the “Lifeboost®”: previewing exclusively at Harrods.

The Background

Research has shown that stress has emerged as one of the leading wellbeing issues globally right now; there is an urgent need for people to actively reduce the stress in their lives. Consumers are looking at making holistic wellbeing choices more than ever.

Medical research also shows that fragrance is being used to enhance emotional comfort; but never before has this concept been supported and explored by fine fragrance in partnership with cutting edge olfactory neuroscience. Nearly all industries have evolved, yet modern perfumery has remained largely unchanged. Until now by Edeniste.